Synchronicity happens when two or more events occur (at the same time) in a context that is meaningful and often perceived as coherent/connected. In other words: you experience it as more than just a coincidence. For you the events seem to be related; but not in a very obvious way you could explain. When we combine this with the memory bubbles (discussed in holographic memory and global subconsciousness) we can deduct the basic principles, which make this possible.

Our holographic memory bubbles are created by electromagnetic frequencies. It’s important to realize that time and distance are not linear when we talk about the energetic space of the holographic memory bubbles. When we experience an event/thought there is access to our holographic memory. At that precise moment, this experience/thought vibrates because we are consciously aware of it and thereby putting energy into it. When emotions are involved they will boost these ‘thought’ frequencies patterns. These ‘thought’ frequencies will reach out and interfere with similar ‘thought’ frequencies from memory bubbles around them. When frequencies are in harmony they connect with each other, making their influence bigger. It works the same as two tuning forks who have the same frequency. When one is hit, the other one will also start to resonate. This makes it possible to relate events from different bubbles into an ‘apparently coincidental’ event. As long as we are alive these memory bubbles will act dynamically (emotions) and will interfere as such with other bubbles.

Because our western mind is used to explaining an event by cutting it into pieces (thinking in causalities) and tries to find relations and patterns between them, these events apparently have no connection. But as explained on an energetic level they do. The Eastern mind, however, looks at the whole of facts together and accepts that as it is, wondering what it means. There is a book called the “I Ching”, which is totally based on these principles and it has been in use as an oracle for thousands of years. I Ching and Astrology are ‘sciences’ of life. They have existed for thousands of years and can’t be simply dismissed anymore as being a superstitious belief.

The deeper meaning behind synchronicity is to create connections between people so the will show unified behavior and finally unity. It’s like little waves of intention and expectations are coming together in one big wave that will define and guide us to our future. When we join this big wave, ‘lucky’ circumstances will support us and we get things done with much less effort (go with the flow and life smiles at us). When you choose another direction and miss the flow (life can still be OK but), it will be a bit more of a struggle and perhaps you never find your destiny.

To find a deeper meaning, we have to look at the whole picture. Then, without reasoning how it all came about, try to see the pattern behind it. This can best be done by freeing ourselves from social conditioning (like education, capitalism, what others say, etc..) and blank our minds. Just watch without trying to comprehend and listen to your feelings. When the pattern emerges and things are falling together, you feel amazed and your heart will fill with joy. Try to connect with it by making changes in your life to create more of these moments.

I am sure you will be able to recall some of these moments and you wondered “what’s happening here, this is amazing”.