About me

Early in life, I was 14 years old, I started to wonder if there was more between heaven and earth than I could see. The reason for this was the movie “The exorcist”, that something like this could happen to me terrified me. That fear made me search through the entire library for answers, from medical, psychological to spiritual. Knowledge took away my fear but fueled my wonder at what the human mind was capable of. The questions “Why” and “How” have dominated my entire life.

I too was caught early in the web of our Western society; studying, good job, getting married, children, own house, own business (ICT), etc .. I have neatly gone through all the steps. No more time to think about the meaning of life, and when I was 45. Children big, things were going nicely and suddenly I had time again. I started reading again and a five-year education as a Shiatsu therapist at DSA in Baarn. We were trained to work with acupressure to manipulate the life energy Chi, and the questions “Why” and “How” came back. The first two years were a battle, I was able to perform the actions but I didn’t understand how and why it worked. A classmate Remco, a Reiki master, tried to make it clear to me but we lived in two different worlds. He a more mystical background and me technical one, until I learned about quantum physics. From then on we could really communicate, we used different terms but the principles were the same. It changed me as a person and my perspective on life.

After completing the training, I had a Shiatsu practice, Shigé, for about seven years. However, I wanted to be more preventive and started “5×20 – Optimize Your Health” and two years later a WoWe foundation for jobseekers. During all these activities I have had many in-depth conversations about life and society, my understanding and world view/concept became more and more complete. But I had almost 100 percent of the conversations with Dutch people, not really a Worldview. I rented out my house and traveled by bicycle and backpacking, eventually traveling Europe and Asia for two years. Via the WorkAway platform on projects, often ecological, cooperated and many people met and spoken. Many young people but also older people who each completed a (world) trip for their own reasons. It has deepened and confirmed my faith and confidence in my worldview.

Now, almost two years later, I have created the We-Become website together with Ramiro Martin Garcia from Argentina, who helped me with the website and to keep the texts clear and readable. The reason for this is that I would like to share my knowledge and experience so more people can benefit from it if they like. It looks quite extensive, but I don’t think it’s complicated. I have divided it into several topics with a maximum of 1 page of text.