About We Become

When we are surrounded by people a general feeling will arise. Have you ever been to a concert and experienced to be part of a feeling arising by dancing and singing the same song?

It is like we are one and we actually are! By dancing and singing the same song our breading becomes synchronized which causes our heart’s to beat at the same moment.

We literally become one big heart and feel happiness, harmony, and peace. It gives you the feeling of being part of something bigger, sharing your emotions is liberating and healing. You are not alone…

Many paths lead to inner peace, harmony and even enlightenment. Once you have experienced it, however briefly, you want to feel it again and share it with everybody. When we look at history we find enlightened people like Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Loa Tzu and many more who have reached enlightenment often after many years of thinking, reflection, and meditation.

They wanted to share these new ideas with everyone. However, with the knowledge of back then most of them, being farmers and craftsmen, did not understand. That is why they created ceremonies, symbols, and traditions to show them how to integrate these new ideas into their lives. Eventually, this leads to religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. These religions supported people and gave them guidelines, often in difficult times, that improve their health and way of life.

The purpose of We Become is to use current and updated knowledge, based on evolution, physiology, physics, anthropology, quantum mechanics, etc. to reevaluate these basic principles in the light of this new knowledge. We are seeking to unravel ceremonies, symbols, and traditions to get a better understanding so that we can transform them into effective techniques. Biofeedback equipment, which measures the physical condition of our body, is used to monitor if the ‘new’ techniques have the desired effect.

Over the years I read and studied a wide range of topics that are directly or indirectly connected with the above subject. My aim was always to find and understand these basic principals in order to give meaning and purpose to my life. It gave me a whole different perspective and understanding of life and reality. I would like to share this knowledge so we can test its accuracy and unravel the ceremonies, symbols, and traditions together to bring more peace, harmony and perhaps enlightenment in our lives. I think our journey together will bring new insights that will influence our way of life and will have a positive effect on our health.

Because, to keep it short and powerful, I have limited myself to the basic principles, questions may arise for a more detailed explanation. For this, I refer to documents in the main menu where links or pdf files can be found on many topics. Of course, questions and remarks can be posted on the related topic. Please don’t hesitate, I welcome and embrace all the feedback.

Even if you don’t consider continue reading, consider this: why is it that humans are the only lifeform capable of creative imagination so they can create, out of the nonexisting, their own future?

I wish you a meaningful life with many friends and good health.

The illusion of our Ego
When we are born one becomes two
Our minds are empty and still.
We fill this void with our senses.
They fill us with feelings and emotion, it’s beautiful.
In all this innocence our self-awareness grows and we start to think.
Expectations and hope take the place of experience.
With knowing, the will grows and the silence disappears.
It drives us, we want back what we have lost.
Our body longs for peace and quiet.
Maybe we should listen to that more.
More feeling and less wanting.
Then there is silence again.
We are one again.