Holographic memory

We compare our brain very often with a computer. This is logical because the computer principles are based on our own brain. We often use examples from nature to invent/develop ‘new’ concepts. By doing so we also get a better understanding of the original, in this case, the brain.  Only now, during discovering quantum computing and advanced biotechnology, we start looking differently to our brain. These technologies can provide us with an explanation of a lot of unanswered questions. Like the amazing speed and almost unlimited memory from our brain or how it recognizes, compares and interprets images/patterns.

Experiments with rats, (where parts of the brain were removed) showed that memories are not stored at dedicated locations inside the brain at all. The rats could still remember the route which led them to the food. It seemed that each involved part of the brain contains the whole memory, not only a part. This led scientists to the concept of holographic memory. This would explain not only the huge storage capacity but also the high-speed recognition of patterns, like faces. Holographic memories are constructed out of electromagnetic frequencies (equal and higher than light see reference ). Because the basic principles of the human and rat brain are identical, this concept applies also to our own memory. This is completely in line with the ideas of that group of scientists have about the existence of the universe (see matter).

This raised the question of how a holographic memory can exist in our brain? There are theories about light (waves) going through the framework of microtubes within our cells, giving the holographic memory a place to exist. Another theory states that a nerve cell (see our brain) is only used to store the link to a memory location. Together with other nerve cells (linked through nerve fibers), it represents the whole event. Both concepts could also work together transforming the brain in a biological ‘computer’ that reads and writes this holographic memory bubble which is part of a much bigger holographic memory (see matter).

For it to work, every living creature should have its own holographic memory bubble. To access this specific memory, a special code (like our DNA) would be needed. Just for clarification, you can compare it to the way a laptop is connected to the internet using a unique IP number. So all holographic bubbles together form a kind of internet, which is called global holographic memory. On a subconscious level, all life is connected (see global subconsciousness). 

Since all our body cells have the same DNA code, it is very likely that the cells can also so have (limited to an acellular level) access to this information. Therapies that work with this holographic information are called energy therapies and are seen as alternative medicine. Some examples of this are acupuncture and homeopathy. The basic idea is, that any physical illness or disease is caused by a disruption or imbalance in this energetic ‘body’. With the discovery of holographic memories, which are construct out of electromagnetic frequencies (energy), science now seems to provide evidence for what many people have already experienced in practice, it works!

More detailed information is available in the book “Souls of distortion Awakening”, Jan Wicherink.

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