The origin of matter

Science studied matter by continually dividing it to find out what it was made of. They found the atom as the smallest particle.  In essence, all matter is formed by atoms in different settings and combinations.  Everything that exists, alive or not (in our reality) is built by using atoms as building blocks. There are basically three structures of matter, solid, liquid or gas. For a long time, the thought that atoms where the smallest part. But then a new science (quantum physics ) came into existence. Quantum physics discovered that atoms were not the smallest particle, but consist of many different subatomic particles.

These particles are created from an even stranger source, called the zero-point field; which is a sea of energy from which all matter emerges. This energy source consists of waves who have the potential to create particles. This could very well be the same source the Chinese call Chi and the God of Christianity meant by saying ‘Let there be light’; The Zero-point field.

There is a difference between matters that lives and matters that don’t. In the first place: matter that does not live will not move on its own. Secondly: they have a different energetic system. All dead matter has a closed energetic system, it consists and maintains itself without further energy exchange.  All live matter has an open energetic system. The order is dynamic, and energy is exchanged with the surrounding environment to maintain that order.

So, we have waves and particles. As we have seen, all matter consists of particles made of waves. But what causes these waves to change into a particle? Quantum mechanics discovered that in order for waves to change into a particle an observer is needed! Because only when it was observed, it has to change into a particle to form metal, wood, gas, water, etc… This gives substance to our reality, living and nonliving. When there is an observer, it is logical to assume it has a memory structure. It is this memory structure that contains the blueprints (building plants) of our reality, and even from the whole universe.

But what kind of memory could hold the blueprints of an entire universe? The answer the scientists found, was a holographic memory. Holographic memories are constructed out of electromagnetic frequencies (waves). The very substance of the Zero-point field!  This holographic memory (from the first observers) is used to reconstruct the universe every 0.00000000000000000000001 part from a second.

Who are these observers? How much influence do these observers have? I think we should separate two types of observers; one for the very elementary laws of nature, and the other for using those laws to construct reality as we experience it. In this topic, we will discuss the elementary observer. The reality observer will be discussed in the topic of Global subconsciousness.

Thanks to scientists like Einstein and many others, we now have a better understanding of the laws of the universe. They were able to capture them in mathematic formulas. Mathematics seems to be a universal language, which makes sense considering that it’s powerful and exact.  Mathematic laws mean rules, logic, and purpose; which points to intelligence. This intelligence must be very old. It evolved under the challenges and dynamics of a Universe coming into existence. In the beginning, there was no matter only energy. So the first intelligent ‘life’ in the universe was energetic. They became the first observers, who shaped the universe to their needs and inspiration. I see them as Cosmic Intelligence entities (CI).

This is where evolution (see topic) started, the evolution of the universe itself. They designed the basic conditions of gravity and nuclear fusion; creating a beginning of order in the chaos of cosmic gases. The CI evolved with the universe, trying to control their environment. By doing so, they created more natural laws (forming more order) who strengthened the basic fabric of the universe.

The elementary laws created by the CI slowed down the expansion. As time passed, the gases cool off and (because gravity) started to cluster together to form the stars in space. When a star reaches a certain size, a process called nuclear fusion ignites; it generates the enormous energy of the star. This fusion process forces hydrogen atoms to cluster together; transforming them into heavier elements such as helium, carbon, oxygen, all the way up to iron. When the pressure within a star exceeds a limit it goes supernova and explodes. All elements (matter) are sent into space were the whole process will start all over again, but now also planets are formed from the more heavy elements. In this endless dance of gases and matter combined with speed and gravity, these stars and planets grouped together to form galaxies.

A number of quantum scientists are now less skeptical about live energy like Chi. Many of Chi’s characteristics are in line with what the find on the quantum level. They start to believe that our universe has to be self-conscious!

Earth is one of these planets and besides of dead matter, it contains matter that is alive. Why would that be?

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