Global subconsciousness

In the topic holographic memory (link) we have discussed that all life has its own holographic memory bubble. This bubble (which is accessible by using our DNA as ‘IP number’) contains our whole life (including our design), up to the smallest detail. In the topic matter (link) we discussed the need of observers to create matter (which are the building blocks of all that exists) and by doing so our reality. In this topic, it all comes together to explain the purpose of a global subconsciousness.

Through our DNA we can see to which parents and ancestors we belong. Because of this match, our cells (on a physical level) have access to the energetic ‘design’ of our parents; which are stored within their holographic memories. This would explain how we can grow from 2 cells (egg and sperm) into a human being and have so much in common with our parents. We don’t only inherent physical traits but also our basic mental (character traits) consciousness ‘program’, which will develop further during our life. Together with our parents and ancestors, we form a DNA cluster. This makes information exchange on a subconscious level between members of the same cluster likely to happen.

There are two levels of access, conscious and subconscious. Consciously we can only access the memories of our own experiences. Subconsciously we have more access. There are two factors who influence this, emotion and DNA. Emotions work like an amplifier, the boost your feeling/need/request vibe. By doing this it reaches out to surrounding bubbles with a similar vibe to connect and receive ‘help’. DNA code makes you part of a ‘family’ cluster giving you ‘easier’ access. So our subconscious will be, to a certain degree, influenced by the memories of our parents and ancestors (this is what we call ‘Karma’). This explains why we are born with a certain basic knowledge of how to bond with our caretakers and our behavior sometimes resembles our parents. The above applies in different degrees (depending on the capacity of their brain) to all living beings.

Our memories (complete with all senses) are stored within our holographic memory. When we die these memories will remain for all eternity (you could say it’s our ‘soul’) and keep on giving structure to our reality. Our consciousness doesn’t remain, it only exists as long as the body is alive (life energy is needed to exist in this material world). Every new life has its own memory bubble (equipped with design specs and basic ‘programming’) accessible through its DNA code. Because of this our children will start with an advantage and have a better chance to survive (see evolution).

All holographic memory bubbles are connected in one big global holographic memory (linking our subconscious minds together) to form a global subconscious ‘mind’. We can actually measure the activity of this global mind, the results are shown on the site ‘The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) from Princeton university’. In short, when a major event happens like 911 this system picks up a significant change in energy on a quantum level. When many people experience the same emotion at the same time, it becomes a coherent amplified energy wave. Emotions are strong energy bursts as we have experienced ourselves many times (and still do). Emotion = Energy in motion.

In the topic matter, we discussed that the first observers created the laws of nature so that matter could exist. Since their energetic holographic memories contain all the existence of the whole universe, it also includes our global holographic memory. This means that on a bigger energetic scale they are our ancestors. This would explain why our intentions and expectations alter reality; we inherited these abilities from them (see enlightenment). When these intentions and expectations reach the conscious mind, it causes the waves of potential to collapse into a particle. This will result in matter and events that give substance and structure to our reality.

All that is alive observes its surroundings with emotions, intentions, and expectations. When a beetle starts digging it expects a hole in the ground and a bird who claps its wings expects to fly. Mankind, however, takes a special place and has more influence on the future then our fellow animals. The two most important qualities that make this possible, are imagination and the capability to go threw different scenarios in our mind and choose the one that favors us most. We create our own reality, not only in a physical way but also in a more fundamental way; using our intentions and expectations.

It is all so well engineered that the question raises, has all of this a purpose?