From the dawn of time, people are interested in the sky and later the universe. We are always interpreting our surroundings to detect danger and opportunities; it’s a fundamental requirement of life. Our mind is sensitive for: signs, rhythm, and patterns that make our environment predictable and thereby safer. Sun, rain, thunder, and lightning were coming from the sky and had a big influence on our daily lives. We always try to change the circumstances in our favor, by building shelter, making fire, planting crops, etc… With the sky, we tried the same. It was all magical and incomprehensible, so there had to be special powers at work. Gods like, Wodan (supreme god), Donar (of thunder), Ostara (fertility), etc…,  came into existence.

People are not alike and pose different skills from which the tribe could benefit. Some are good hunters or builders and others were better in interpreting signs of the sky, they became shamans. To explain the will of the gods is not a simple task, many signs had to be taken into consideration. Also to convince the gods, offers were often needed. They were presented with much respect, using specific artifacts, gestures, and sounds. This gave the priest status and they became spiritual leaders, healers, and advisors of the tribe. The rituals and traditions they created, identified and united people as belonging to the same tribe. As long as the people performed the rituals and worshiped the gods, the gods would provide them with safety, shelter, and food. It was out of their hands and in the hands of a god.  Who were they to question their reasons and behavior? As a practical result, the benefits and burdens were borne by the entire group; which made the group stronger and the individual less vulnerable.

The beginning of the three biggest world religions is marked by the upcoming of civilization and urbanization. This opened the doors for religions like Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. They had clear rules and rituals to receive the daily blessings and the assurance of a good afterlife. For those who had not been obedient, damnation would follow both in daily life and in the hereafter. Houses for gods were build in which they could address many people at the same time and perform the rituals as a group. This strengthened the faith and sense of belonging. The need for belonging to something bigger than ourselves is deeply programmed in our genes. It provides not only more safety and social confirmation (we are the same) but also a sense of purpose, something to live for.

In the beginning, these religions were pure and sincere. Due to rapid growth, they became very powerful (the priest knew about all your sins) and rich, which gave them a lot of influence in many countries. Only the strong and dedicated can carry such wealth without becoming arrogant and corrupt. Influence and power became more important than believers. They were conditioned by traditions, rituals, and rules to follow without questions. If that didn’t work, damnations in the now and afterlife would follow.

Around 1600 there was the scientific revolution that opposed beliefs. Arguments like the sun being the center (not Earth) and evolution, were threatening the fundamental beliefs of religions. With the progress of science (who offered to prove for their findings) more and more people started to wonder if there really is a god. Nowadays in countries with modern societies, religions (with their old ceremonies and dogmatic approach) are losing believers and influence. However, this does not mean that the need to be part of something bigger has disappeared as well. Especially in times of important events or difficulties in our lives, we feel this need for belonging.

Again it’s time for a change and it looks like science is coming to our rescue. Scientists thought that with enough research they could find all the answers and for a long time they did. This certainty changed when quantum science came with the concept of waves and particles (see matter). The laws of nature weren’t so solid and became sensitive to our intentions and expectations. They are no longer so sure that there is only science between heaven and earth …

As stated in the introduction, we not only want to explore the reasons why we feel this need to unify and belong but also find it’s deeper motivation. It seems that we more and more come to the conclusion, that there is a ‘force’ that influences evolution in general and mankind in specific. Adapting and survival are basic objectives of all that lives. In this concept some behaviors, like unify, altruism and intelligence, are rewarded with a greater chance of survival. Many people think, that this is not by chance but by design. We possess a special type of genes, called behavior genes. They´re not directly responsible for a certain type of behavior, they create the possibility to adapt to the circumstances/environment. They also stimulate species to work together, which is rewarded by a higher success rate in survival.

At a certain moment in evolution, mankind has been ‘equipped’ with consciousness and self-awareness. This stimulated us even more to work together and unify. What makes us special (in comparison with other living beings), is the ability to think through different scenarios and then choose the most desired one. This gives us much more influence to shape our future.

No longer we only dependent on the circumstances, but we adjust them to our needs or adjust to adapt; when necessary. We decide and shape our future. To do this we use intentions and expectations. From which quantum mechanics now states that they have a direct effect on the basic substance of our reality.

Together we can achieve miracles, we just have to unite and combine our intentions and expectations.

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