Heart Coherence

We all know that when we work together as a team, we can accomplish more than when we add up the effort from all individuals separately. The most important tool we use is communication, verbal and nonverbal. Everybody has to fulfill a function on a previously agreed moment and frequency, only then we can rely on the other members of the team. The better and faster we can do this the more we accomplish. When we train this enough, it will take us even less energy because it becomes a known routine.

In our body, all organs are working together as a team to make life possible and adapt to all circumstances life troughs at us. To coordinate all these functions, our body possesses a communication system formed by our brain and nerve systems. To perform at maximum efficiency, they need clear and coherent commands processed at an optimal speed.

Clear and coherent means that they are possible, no contradictions and have a common goal. Our brain (see topic) is responsible for that part. It collects input from all sensors (especially the heart and intestinal) in our body and sends instructions to act/react upon them through our nerve system. We will focus on the autonomous nerve system that controls all internal processes in our body. It consists of a sympathetic (action) and parasympathetic (rest and recovery) system. They complement each other and should be in balance. Unfortunately, in our stressed western society, this balance is missing within many people. It results in poor teamwork and a loss of much energy. We become vulnerable to diseases and depression. (see Intestinal flora)

Our heart possesses many brain cells forming almost a brain by itself. It’s much more than a pump that makes the blood flow through our veins. It communicates Biophysical (blood pressure), Neurological (nervous system), Biochemical (hormone system) and Energetic (electromagnetic fields).  It brings rhythm and forms the base for order in our bodies like the sun does in our lives. Rhythm makes things predictable, so we can adapt and anticipate. Chinese medicine even says, that in the heart resides all our emotions. Because of all of this, it is very sensitive to changes in our nervous system. The heart will react instantly upon them by informing the brain and adjust the heart rate and interval variations.

We all want to grow old but not to be old. If we want to improve our resilience and health, we need all parts of our body to work together as a team. We can train ourselves using a biofeedback system like EmWave from HeartMath institute. To calculate whether we are coherent or not, we use a clip attached to our earlobe to register our heartbeat. EmWave uses software to interpret the time differences between the succeeded heartbeats to find the optimal body frequency. The optimal frequency is 0.1Hz, then all organs work as a team. This frequency is the result of the heart trying to maintain perfect blood pressure under all conditions. Variations in the blood pressure contain also information, just like the way drums where used by Indians to transfer messages in the past.

Science has begun to show that what we perceive as ‘human’ aura is actually real. We all emit an electromagnetic field and are connected with all life. The heart emits the largest electromagnetic field of all the body’s major organs. These fields and the information encoded into them can change, based on how we are feeling, what we thinking, and the different emotions we experience. The heart sends signals to the brain through a system of neutrons that have both short-term and long-term memory, and these signals can affect our emotional experiences. The emotional information that’s modulated and coded into these fields, changes the nature of these fields and their impact on those around us. This electromagnetic field expands up to 4 meters outside our body. When we meet other people, our hearts are meeting each other first. This is one of the reasons why people generate a certain feeling within us, even when we don’t know them or we haven’t exchanged a word. Also in big crowds like a football stadium or music festival, these field energy fluctuations are even more palpable.

Electromagnetic fields consist of waves. When waves of the same frequency meet each other they will become stronger. We can also accomplish this with people. When coherent people (0.1Hz) join each other in a group and start breathing in the same rhythm, they will reinforce each other and create one big heart. Opening a world of potential to influence our surroundings, possibly even on a global scale.

What if we could give that energy focus and meaning?

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