The gatherings will be free of cost.

A good way to connect and unite with others is to get yourself organized in a group that wants to make an effort to become. Together you can set up gatherings/workshops for answering questions, start projects, undertake journeys, enjoy each other’s company, practical training, etc.. On We-Become I will focus on the practical training workshops.

These workshops will focus on how to get in the flow of life. To control and finally be able to convert feelings/emotions such as fear, worry, and anger into inner peace, happiness, empathy, compassion, and love. It will change your perspective and you will not only focus more on what’s important but also start acting upon it. By doing this, synchronicity begins: you will meet the people you need, circumstances change to your advantage, life smiles at you because you are now on the road that leads to our true destiny.

Although life is practical training by itself, mostly it comes without instructions. After 60 years of practical training and learning by trial and error, I decided to write done what I have learned so far on this website. By now I know that you can only achieve so much by yourself or you have to live life like a monk, which will leave no time for personal life and is next to impossible in our western society.

Perspective and change are the cornerstones of this training. The question you have to ask yourself is, am I willing to make changes in my life, and consequently in those surrounding me, to pursue inner peace and unity. It will require effort and commitment but you will benefit almost immediately. Really connecting with others and pursue goals that are worth living for, will bring purpose and good energy into your life. When we focus this good energy it’s power will change reality and therefore our world.

To practice, I advise a group size of seven people, 3 men, and 4 women. (In sacred geometry, the number 7 represents purity, wisdom, unconditional love, and Spirit. It expresses the idea of the rule of spirit over form and symbolizes the connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm). Important is that together you build a circle of transparency and trust where all can be said and shared.

So before you start practicing, make sure that all mentioned above is taken care of! I will start a training workshop myself here in Enschede and make a log of all the issues and challenges we encounter during our training sessions. In order to receive the training manual and updates of our log, please send me a mail with a small impression of yourself and your motivation.