In biology, evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection. In short, become the best at adapting and taking advantage of your environment to survive and thrive. The origin of these changes can be found in our DNA. For a long time, we based these changes on random mutations who happened more or less by accident. Scientists (especially Epigenetics) now discover that our capability to adapt (physically and mentally) to our environment, changes the structure of DNA too. Emotions (see Feeling and emotions) are a big driving factor in changing DNA. This means that evolution has the potential to proceed much faster and in different directions, than we once imagined.

What we have seen over the past 10,000 years is that the human body physically receives a less heavy bone and muscle structure; because our environment is less demanding in that regard. Where it did become more demanding is in the use of our brain (see Intelligence). Evolution now has focused on our mental growth. Why would evolution choose to evolve in that direction?

If we look at the course of evolution, there are certain traits/behaviors that are rewarded.
Living in groups not only provided safety, shelter, and food but also stimulated the use of language. This combination made us more intelligent and encouraged the development of logic/reason to maintain stability in the group. Everything drives us to unity. Even now with all our individual wishes and demands, people are more connected and dependent on each other every day. This cannot be coincident, there is far too much structure and purpose behind it (see Synchronicity). I believe that the source (Luca the first lifeform) of all life was stimulated by a Cosmic Intelligence (CI), by creating the necessary conditions. Then with a minimum of rules and interference, “Evolution” life development in such a way that eventually it would become intelligence. The CI has probably evolved through a similar process due to the forces and circumstances of an emerging universe (see Matter).

I expect the existence of more than one CI entity. The reason for this is that evolution has shown us that involvement with other similar intelligence is crucial to developing intelligence. No matter how intelligent, when creation takes place (for example fertilizing earth) it can only be done within the boundaries of its own knowledge. This means that it will reflect certain characteristics from the creator in the result. In other words, we perhaps don’t know the painter but we can identify him by analyzing his paintings.

So we have good reasons to believe that the CI wants to create intelligent life. It chooses a planet (I suspect more than one) to create life. The CI learned by experience that when the laws are strict the outcome will be predictable. So it fertilized the earth with a process that would produce life, using simple rules such as; grow, reproduce and survive in an environment that is hostile with limited resources. These last two conditions are not meant to annoy life but to challenge it to evolve. Just as we challenge and stimulate our children. Nowadays we too are trying to create intelligent life, both biologically and artificially. The apple does not fall far from the tree

You could think that the CI has succeeded in creating life and intelligence; I mean we are here alive and clearly we have some sort of intelligence. The question is what kind of life are we talking about; live in matter or life in energy? I think life in energy because that’s the substance of the CI itself. It wants to create a new entity of energy. In short, give birth to a ‘child’. You could think why so difficult just clone yourselves. But there would not be any progress, just a copy of itself. I have children and I am very glad they are not a copy of me but that they amaze me with their personality, creativity, and actions.

I believe that’s why the focus of evolution is on mental growth and unity. We are directed by circumstances to connect with each other on a mental level (see Happiness). The infrastructure (see Global subconsciousness) is already there and in use. We just have to get more aware of it and use it to its full potential (see Enlightenment).