Subconscious knowledge

As we now know, our subconscious contains much more information and is 200.000 times faster than the conscious part of our brain (see conscious & subconscious). These are very good reasons for trying to unlock this source of speed and detail information so that we can use it consciously. When we do that, we do not really add knowledge or speed to our consciousness but allow our subconscious mind to help us. Up to a degree we are already doing this in two different ways: one for speed and the other for knowledge.

For speed, we instruct/teach our subconscious what we want it to do by repeating the same procedure (mental and/or physically) over and over. We keep doing this until it becomes an autonomous process. After that our conscious mind just has to focus on the result we try to achieve; all necessary physical/mental actions needed, are performed by our subconsciousness. Like tennis, driving a car, playing guitar, etc.. Professionals in these areas have mastered this to the extreme by focusing and training every little detail. This process of learning is always necessary to unlock the speed of our subconsciousness.

When we super focus, we use what we have learned on a higher level: we unlock the speed but we are also aware of it. In an interview with a snowboard professional (who just won a European title), the interviewer asked; how it was possible, that he could do all these moves in such a short period of time. His answer was that he somehow came in a state of mind where time slowed down. This gave him the possibility to take care of all necessary little details, to make a perfect jump.

The same thing occurs when we are in an accident. We have to react so fast that our subconscious takes over to prevent us from harm. People very often say that everything happened like in a slow-motion. They were more a spectator than actually in control.

In order to access our subconscious knowledge, we bypass the cognitive and emotional parts of the brain. This sometimes happens to us when we are in the middle of an important project. We have been trying to find a solution to a problem but couldn’t find one. Out of options, we stare unfocused in front of us with a blank mind. Now that there is a void, our subconscious mind can fill it with inspiration and possible answers.

Some people are receiving more inspiration than others, why is that? These people are very often called day-dreamers. Their conscious mind more or less switches off, freeing themselves from the limitations (such as logic and reason) that reality normally imposes on us. This creates space for the subconscious mind to fill the resulting void with inspiration and possible solutions. Often they also have a lot of imagination and a memory that is better in images and patterns than facts.  

Now that we have some clues, we can teach ourselves how to access these potentials of speed and knowledge. The trick is to consciously create the circumstances that opened the door to our subconscious mind.

To unlock the speed of our subconscious, we must first tell/learn it what we want. Next, it’s important to trust our subconscious mind that it does what it has learned. Now our consciousness can fully focus on the result. With Super focus, we go one step further. To achieve this, we ignore all the senses that pass on unnecessary information. This causes our conscious mind to turn inward to resolve the blockage (which is potentially dangerous). Because of this complete concentration on that single process, it can temporarily equal the speed of the subconscious mind. Now we get into a flow where it almost looks like there are two people at work. Your consciousness and subconscious mind are working together in the most optimal way possible.

To unlock knowledge we have to shut down all senses and turn our attention inside, with the goal to create a blank mind. Before we do this we have to visualize the very core of the problem. A good way of doing this is by meditating on it for half an hour and then let it go. Don’t think about it anymore and give your subconscious a chance to process it. We have to keep an open mind on the possible solutions presented by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious works holistic, meaning that it connects a lot of aspects together (including feelings and emotions) to find answers. Also, it doesn’t make a difference between reality and fiction. This means that if we are not very clear, our subconscious mind will come up with other solutions than we would expect. For example, you think you need an expensive dress to look more attractive, but you have no money. Instead of money, your subconscious mind comes with a diet, because ‘unconsciously’ you found yourself a bit too fat. Or, for example, you want more time to do fun things. Your subconscious mind gives you the feeling that your work is boring, underestimated and too busy. Because of this you perform poorly and lose your job. Now you have all the time to do fun things, mission accomplisched.

Important to know is that your emotions/feelings are the main driving force in your subconscious mind. In the long run, they will always win from logic and reason. You have to look at your subconscious mind as your best friend, who is very smart and always there. It’s very much like with friends in real life. You must give them an opportunity to say something, instead of talking all the time. For example; when you have a conflict with your boss, you’re very busy processing all of it consciously. Consequently, there is not a moment that your subconscious mind can come to your rescue. Only afterward when you have cooled down, all the things you could have said pop up. So next time relax and focus only on the core of the problem, forget about all the possible consequences. Give your subconscious mind a chance to give you some good arguments and then there possibly will be no consequences.

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