We all have opinions about everything, strong, weak and often not even conscious. We have to because they determine our actions, also if it means doing nothing. In order to form an opinion, we put all the information about the subject in perspective with ourselves. But which perspective are we going to take?  There´re many different perspectives possible but very often we use the ones which have grown on us and became like a default perspective. Which one becomes default depends on our character, culture and life experience.

In essence, there are three approaches: negative, neutral and positive. For some people the glass is half empty, enough or half full. Also, the words we use (during considering all options in our heads) give it a certain meaning: but, don’t know, must – possible, think about it, seems good – nice, like it, can do that. Then, of course, there is your perspective and the perspective of the other. They are always different, even when we agree with each other. It’s always good to consider the perspective the other uses, especially when we judge the other on its behavior or opinion. We have first to walk in their shoes for some time; it could make us understand their perspective.

Which perspective we default use, has a big influence on our lives. Also, we don’t have to stick to them; we can change whenever we want. The first step is to acknowledge that we use perspectives. Then secondly become consciously aware when we use them and wonder if it’s the right perspective. We could imagine what somebody we regard highly would think about it or we can start thinking about alternatives ourselves. This would certainly change our perspective and create more options to deal with the situation, opinion, behavior, etc.

So remember when somebody makes a remark about you it’s done from their perspective, not yours. The perspective you choose will give it value and meaning. So be aware and choose wisely because one can annoy you and the other enjoy you.

Example: somebody insults you. When it is your mother it will hurt when it’s a drunk it won’t. The words are the same but your perspective not.  It’s your choice to let others hurt you or not. That’s the power of perspective and it’s yours!

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