Immune system

Our body is always fighting with invaders (bacteria, viruses) to prevent diseases. This works 95% of the time, in the other cases, we get sick. To be able to do this effectively, our body has a complete pharmacy of antibodies that can be used for this purpose. We received a lot of antibodies from our parents (see Intestinal flora). Others build up when we have a disease; it learns through experience. It learns by ‘practicing’ and trying out different solutions, and stores these findings in T-cells. The next time when get ill, the disease will be recognized and attacked by these T-cells.

All life needs energy (see Matter) to exist and grow. Just as we have to decide every day how we spend our money; our body must make decisions about where it spends its energy. It will choose to spend energy there where it makes a difference. This goes so far that it will let the muscle structure weaken (caused by a broken leg) because it’s not being used. It has no sense of time and responds to the situation ad hand. The same happens with our immune system due to medication. The medicine takes over and therefore no “unnecessary” energy will go to the immune system. In the best case, the medicine will eliminate the disease. But often it is only suppressed, which means it comes back!

Medical health care has made enormous progress over the last 50 years. This combined with a capitalistic system, (where there is no time to be sick) our immune system hardly gets the chance to learn by experience. That may not sound like a problem, but it is! More and more bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Since our immune system has not been given a chance to find solutions, we are left empty-handed. If health care now fails we will become seriously ill, and possibly die. In addition, many drugs have all kinds of side effects that, in time, can cause other problems like addiction. This, of course, is beneficial for the pharmaceutic industry but not so much for us.

By this, I don’t mean that we should stop using or developing medicine, but use it as a last resort. First, monitor the process carefully; give our body the change to find a more permanent solution by creating its own T-cells. Second take care of your body, mentally and physically. (see category practically in daily life) I have experienced firsthand that our body is capable of great recovery and can regain its resilient power.

We should trust our bodies more in their ability to come up with a cure. Out of experience, we all know that when we put our minds (energy) to it, we get the job done. This is certainly true for our body because reacts the strongest to our thoughts and feelings. This mental influence (combined with knowledge about how our body functions) can be put to work, using visualization. Imagine your T-cells as little soldiers who are transported threw your blood vessels to the place where they are needed most. Imagine that they destroy the enemy and help restore the natural order. Have trust in there victory!

Everything costs energy: from running, thinking, and worrying. Take care that you have enough energy by making healthy choices; and by doing some exercises every morning. Energy is just like money, you can only spend it once. Spend it wisely!