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I believe the message is clear, we have to challenge and improve ourselves as a person by learning and practicing emotional awareness. Our emotion drives us and defines us. We need emotions the same way a car needs fuel, to get us where we want/have to be. This can only be done by interacting with other living beings, from which humans are the most challenging. Emotional awareness means, being aware of your feelings in the here and now. There are no bad emotions (there are all needed) when the reason to expressed them is pure (educational, loving, forgiving, etc..) and not selves. A good way of training yourself to feel and act like this is to approach all that lives with empathy and compassion.

The only constant factor in our lives and reality is change. This means we can only learn from the past and not copy its answers and solutions. So, learn the principles and clear your mind of the facts that evoke emotions that will only confuse you in the here and now. Our thoughts have to be clear and constructive because they will shape the future. This ability we inherited from our cosmic ancestors, the creators from all that exists in the universe. Let’s use it the way they intended. Reach out and help each other to see the challenges of life as opportunities to learn and grow as a person. All that we share and nurture together, will strengthen and deepen our bond bringing us closer to unity. Make a start by discussing this with others with whom you can meet regularly, to create a coherent heart that will stimulate your emotional awareness.

By now you should realize that happiness can’t be found in material things, they only give short term satisfaction (happiness). Once you have them, they take space, need cleaning or maintenance and, because they represent value, you must watch over them. This limits your time and freedom to do something fun or educational together with others. It’s so much better to collect experiences: they are lighter, they are mobile, don’t need cleaning or maintenance and instead of guarding them you can share them at no cost. Another advantage is that it will bring you in contact with more people, which can even be the start of a next experience.

Since we now will interact more with people, the way we communicate is important. To begin with, have a friendly and open posture, which basically means be relaxed, smile and make regularly eye contact. Then really be there and listen with interest, ask open questions, give compliments, ask their opinion and share your feelings. Avoid conflict by telling how you feel, not what the other did wrong (perspective). You will have nice conversations and meet more interesting people in no time.

So, the next time before we buy something, it’s useful to consider, how long do I have to work for this and do I really need it? When you buy less, you can work less and when you work less, there is more time to enjoy life. Time you can invest in family, friends or in yourself by doing things you’ve always wanted to do or try. You could also set up a small vegetable garden (3 square meters is already enough), to grow fresh tasty vegetables, it’s fun watching plants grow and enjoy more time together with people close to you.

When we change our behavior, it affects others and our environment (see change). Western society is based on capitalism, which means that money must grow (see capitalism). But if we spend less money, we can start working less, putting capitalism under pressure and having to replace it with something better. We must change our point of view from more money to more knowledge and purpose. The purpose of companies should be to serve the real needs of society and not to create fictional products just to make more profit.

When profit is no longer the goal, we can focus on learning and growing as a person. The best way to do this is to work together, creating only what we need to achieve this. We are all equal in our basic needs but differ in skills and types of intelligence (see intelligence). These differences will enrich us, if we are willing to see that; everyone has skills and knowledge that add something to our society. A good organizational form that supports this is a cooperative in which everyone is the owner and employee at the same time.

To initiate this change, we must start cooperation’s that make products for our basic needs and then only buy these products from those cooperatives. Also, the materials needed to make those products should, if possible, be purchased from other cooperatives. This network of cooperatives would slowly grow and force the commercial companies to change. To stimulate this, people could deposit a small part of their savings into a fund of a cooperative that aims to develop a structure that can advise and guide these future startups. This fund could also be used to provide financial support to these cooperative startups. Of course, all this must be set up transparently, no other financial risk than what you put into it, a return of your initial investment at some point and the possibility to vote how the money is used wisely.

What do you think about this?

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