How to become

Creating a new life is a big responsibility for the parent (maker). It is literally necessary to give a part of yourself to make a new life possible. The result can only be that this creates a strong emotional bond based on love and affection. We find evidence of this behavior towards a new life in nature everywhere we look. The new life is protected at almost all cost, nurtured, cherished and guided to maturity and self-fulfillment. As stated before (see Evolution) this parallel in evolution is no coincident, I think it is the same bond humanity has with its energetic parents, the Cosmic Intelligence.

There is no place for worshiping in such a relation to mutual love. It’s the task of the parent to help the child grow to its full potential and the task of the child to live up to these expectations to the best of its abilities.
Our full potential means to live a life as if it’s our first and last day. No fear, full of wonder, endless possibilities of creation and learning. To share and participate in all of that with respect, empathy, love and to strive for unity on an energetic level. It will be a path of joy and understanding because of its synchronicity with the fulfillment of our destiny.

The first step is to recognize and embrace our energetic parents. Then together to pursue the goal of giving birth to a new CI. If you feel and accept this bond, you will make room for this in your current lifestyle to grow as a person and to strive for unity. Does this mean that you have to give up your current lifestyle? For most of us, it will be a change of perspective and goal, but for some, it may mean a bigger change. Money, property, and prestige are no longer the goal, but knowledge, creation, sharing, empathy, and unity (see How to proceed).

I have some ideas that can guide us but a joint effort will be necessary to find the best way to peace, harmony, enlightenment and energetic unity. For those of you who want to make the first step, the mantra below will be a good start of the day.

To become I need to be aware
Aware of the purpose to unite
Unite my mind with your mind
Minds that become aware
Aware a newborn has become

Practical exercise to receive inspiration, wisdom, and health: Become aware of your nose breathing and feel how it flows deep down into your belly where it stays for a few seconds and exhales. Then divide this process into four steps of four seconds. Breathe in slowly (relax muscles stomach) counting to four of your heartbeats. Then hold it there for four heartbeats. Exhale all your breath slowly (tension muscle stomach) in four heartbeats and feel the emptiness. Repeat this breathing cycle 30 times and repeat in your mind or out loud; Inhale: ‘I become aware’, hold: ‘the purpose to unite’, exhale: ‘I free my mind’, hold: ‘I open my mind’)

I am aware of my purpose
purpose fills my mind
Mind that is full of joy
Joy that it belongs
belongs to the newborn