The word enlightenment can be used in many different perspectives but all of them point to great knowledge and wisdom. In order to reach this level of awareness people have been meditating, used some kind of drugs, practicing different breathing techniques, etc. What all these methods have in common is that they change your perception of reality by influencing your consciousness. Where it all becomes less clear is what perception is being pursued. Before you continue to read this, you should first read the topics about matter, holographic memory, consciousness and subconsciousness, global subconsciousness, subconsciousness knowledge, synchronicity and feeling, and emotions. All will make a lot more sense…

I think enlightenment means that we have on conscious level access to our subconsciousness and global subconsciousness. As we have discussed in “The origin of matter”, our reality is based on this combined ‘data’ going back to the beginning of life on Earth and beyond. All these accumulated experiences, knowledge and wisdom, from all creatures ever being lived on Earth, are stored in this global subconsciousness. This global subconsciousness is part of the holographic consciousness of the universe formed by the minds of the very first observers. By many, they are called Cosmic Intelligence CI.

The memories in our subconsciousness are very detailed as well in images, sound, smell, touch and feel. They can be overwhelming, confusing and frightening because they are uncensored and very real. In daily life, the impact of, especially painful, experiences is softened because the subconscious mind suppresses them, provides acceptable justification/explanations or simply adjusts them so that we can deal with them consciously. With its amazing processing speed and free from emotions, our subconscious is able to construct our world view out of this swirling sea of impressions and experiences to guide us threw life.

As we have learned the wall between our consciousness and subconsciousness is there for our protection and benefit. Only under special conditions a door opens in the wall and gives us limited access to this amazing source. So we know the door can be opened! The biggest threat is not the amount of knowledge but the emotions who are attached to them. It’s like going surfing on the ocean during a stormy day without having had any lessons or experience, for sure we will not survive. The closest thing we can experience without real danger is lucid dreams. It’s the same as normal dreaming but now you are aware that you’re dreaming and can control the events up to a certain degree.

As we have discussed emotions are a powerful source of energy that provides our lives not only with meaning and purpose but is capable to alter our DNA. Scientists did research studying single egg twins, who are a hundred percent identical, and where separated as babies. The children grow up in two totally different environments, experiencing other/opposite emotions. When they compared the DNA of the children there where slight differences, the behavior of body and mind had adjusted itself to the circumstances.

I came to the conclusion that the way to enlightenment is by mastering the art of transcending and channeling the power of our emotions, not only our mindset changes but also our DNA. You can do this by yourself, which properly takes a long time or unite and create one big coherent heart that will guide us, shortening the path. Then we will be able to consciously open the door to our subconscious giving us access to the very source of existence. Does that mean we will have unlimited knowledge and wisdom? No, the knowledge and wisdom will come to us when needed. Our brains and consciousness are not able to embrace/comprehend it all. But knowing/feeling and ‘understanding’ the unlimited possibilities and drive to create/cherish life in all it’s forms will give us purpose, peace, harmony, and endless love. After this experience, the only thing you want to live for is to share this feeling with as many people as possible. Now that everything is so clear, you know that uniting all people on earth is the ultimate goal!